Van der Leer S.A.

Let's make your Vision come true and your organization grow

We are a company with more than 35 years of experience advising hundreds of public and private organizations in Costa Rica and Latin America.

We have experience, methodologies and knowledge to support your organization in defining its strategy, comprehensively improving its processes and maximizing its profitability.


What do we do?


Strategic planning

We support you in building your strategic and operational plan. We specialize in world-class methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard and Hoshin Kanri, and can work with any performance structure the client prefers.


Activity-based Planning

We work on business planning strategies focused on identifying the types of activities necessary to produce a desirable level of goods and services, also paying attention to the type and amount of resources necessary to carry them out.


Activity-based Costing

We help you with the measurement of the cost and performance of products, services and different cost objects, as well as the associated activities and resources, allowing the generation of different results statements in accordance with those used by the organization for better decision making.


Lean Six Sigma

We have certified professionals in Lean Six Sigma project management, in order to generate value for their clients by reducing variability and different types of waste that cause failures and harm the level of quality and performance of their processes.


Workload Studies

The productivity and performance of any organization depends on people maintaining a balance that allows them to maintain adequate performance. We have the methodologies and technological tools to measure the level of workload of your collaborators.


Organizational Climate Studies

Our team of professionals have the necessary experience and certifications to help you measure the organizational climate and work environment of your organization, identifying those areas with opportunities for improvement to focus on the necessary actions to maintain an optimal level of satisfaction for your collaborators.


Strategic Planning and Costing Software

We represent brands of world-class software manufacturing companies to control and monitor their strategic and operational plans, performance indicators, as well as to model their processes that allow them to determine the cost and profitability of their business.


Customized seminars and training

In all our service areas we have public and private seminars for those who need to update and improve their knowledge for the benefit of their organization. We also design customized training on those topics that your organization needs to reinforce.

Strategic partners and brands we work with.

About us

Van der Leer S.A. – Consulting, software and training for performance improvement.

For more than 35 years Van der Leer S.A. has accompanied different companies, ministries, autonomous institutions, cooperatives and non-profit organizations in achieving their organizational goals and objectives, through the different services we provide and the advice of a varied team of consultants in different disciplines.

Our founder: Ing. Alberto Leer Guillén, PhD. (RIP)

«The implementation of strategic planning is a vital process in all public and private companies, which requires leaders with clear vision and understanding of the environment.»


What our clients say

“The Bank of Costa Rica has managed to consolidate the distribution of administrative expenses associated with the effort to directly and indirectly create banking products and services, in a reasonable, acceptable and very close to reality manner. ABC costing has allowed senior administration to make important decisions for the calculation of income tax.”


“Van der Leer has demonstrated his extensive capacity to transform the institutional Planning, Monitoring and Measurement Management process that was carried out manually into a digital system, easy to understand and manage by users, which allowed a reduction in delivery times in each operation.”


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