We all need help at some point to achieve what we want most.

We understand very well the dynamics of organizations which can be complex, and with resource limitations of time, money and people to execute performance improvement projects.

This is why Van der Leer S.A. can be the strategic partner your organization needs. Learn more about our services.

“Our experience has allowed us to know how to identify the fundamental aspects that hinder efficient planning and management of organizational processes and resources. This knowledge is what we make available to our clients.”

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Three major business areas



Our main strength. Whether you are a medium or large company or institution, we are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals through the development and execution of projects that contribute to improving organizational performance.



A toda fase de diseño le prosigue otra de implementación. Contamos con software para planeamiento estratégico y operativo, monitoreo de indicadores y modelado de procesos para determinar los costos de sus procesos, productos y servicios, y para análisis de rentabilidad.



Disponemos de profesionales certificados en diferentes áreas de negocio para capacitar en diversas temáticas que su organización o usted como profesional necesita. Ofrecemos una gama de seminarios y entrenamientos públicos y privados, así como capacitación a la medida.

Strategic and operational planning


Balanced Scorecard

Comprehensive performance structure to clearly communicate the vision, mission and strategy to collaborators and interested parties.

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Hoshin Kanri

Systematic process to address long-term strategic objectives through daily operations, integrated reviews and continuous improvement.

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Strategic Foresight

Exploration of different possible futures, along with the opportunities and challenges they might pose for the organization or system.

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Playing to Win

Strategy based on five options: a winning aspiration, where to play, how to win, basic capabilities and management systems.

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From strategy to action

Software we represent

Spider Impact

Take your organization to the next level by using data to drive strategic decisions. Spider Impact can collect your data in one place, update it automatically, and have everyone working toward the same goals.

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Collaborative Business Planning

CBP gives business managers the ability to model their operational flows and predict where and when bottlenecks will arise. It also determines the impact of changing product/service demands and/or changing operational efficiencies on fixed and variable costs.

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Training and qualification

  • Strategic planning for autonomous institutions
  • Strategic planning for municipalities
  • Strategic planning for private companies
  • Preparation of Cantonal Plans
  • Control and monitoring of strategic and operational plans with software
  • Activity-based Costing
  • Activity-based Planning
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Indicator-based management

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